DMACC Ames Hunziker Center

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Jen Rathje, Academic Advisor   
Office: 515-965-7172
Cell: 515-360-7217

These classes provide area high school students with excellent educational opportunities. Registration in these courses is handled by local guidance counselors and principals.

Auto Collision
Year 1 Courses include:
Basic Shop Safety (CRR150) 1 credit
Sheet Metal Fundamentals (CRR325) 5 credits
Sheet Metal Welding (CRR101) 2 credits
Estimating Theory (CRR742) 2 credits
Principles of Refinishing (CRR877) 7 credits
Year 2 Courses include:
Principles of Refinishing (CRR841) 5 credits
Plastic Repair (CRR202) 2 credits
Advanced Estimating (CRR760) 2 credits

Automotive Technology
Year 1 Courses include:
Shop Fund. & Minor Service (AUT114) 4 credits
Automotive Engine Repair (AUT163) 3 credits
Auto Electricity/Electronics (AUT615) 4 credits
Year 2 Courses include:
Basic Suspension & Steering (AUT404) 4 credits
Auto Brake Systems & Service (AUT524) 4 credits
Advanced Auto Electricity (AUT652) 3 credits

Building Trades/Finish Carpentry
Year 1 Courses include:
Care/Use Hand/Power Tools (CON336) 1 credit
Materials/Const. Theory (CON333) 5 credits
Const. Blueprint Reading (CON337) 1 credit
Materials Takeoff (CON338) 1 credit
Concrete System & Forming (CON346) 1 credit
Year 2 Courses include:
Construction Techniques (CON334) 7 credits
Construction Drafting and Design (CON341) 2 credits

Career Work Experience
Courses include:
Career Exploration (SDV130) 1 credit
Pre-Employment Strategies (SDV153) 2 credits
COOP Career Seminar (SDV212) 1 credit
COOP Career Experience (SDV224) 3 credits
Professional Development (ADM259) 3 credits
Supervised Practical Experience (ADM265) 2 credits
Professional Career Seminar (ADM937) 1 credit

Criminal Justice
Courses include:
Intro to Crim Justice (CRJ100) 3 credits
Survey of Criminal Justice Agencies (CRJ107) 3 credits
Criminal Investigation I (CRJ141) 3 credits
Crime Scene Investigation (CRJ195) 4 credits
Scientific Investigation (CRJ248) 3 credits

Culinary Arts
Year 1 Courses include:
Sanitation & Safety (HCM100) 2 credits
Food Preparation I (HCM143) 3 credits
Food Preparation I Lab (HCM144) 3 credits
Food Preparation II (HCM152) 2 credits
Food Preparation II Lab (HCM153) 2 credits

Health Occupations
*Courses require extended lab time in the evenings and/or weekends
Courses include:
Medical Terminology (HSC120) 3 credits
Survey of Health Careers (HSC105) 1 credits
Intro to Health Careers (HSC109) 3 credits
Emergency Care (HSC102) 1 credit
*Nurse Aide 75 Hours (HSC172) 3 credits
*Advanced Nurse Aide (HSC182) 3 credits

Information Technology Network Administration
Courses include:
Digital/Computer Electronics (NET144) 3 credits
CISCO Networking (NET213) 4 credits
Computer Hardware Basics (NET123) 4 credits
Linux Network Administration (NET402) 3 credits

Teacher Academy
Courses include:
Intro to Education (EDU213) 3 credits
Initial Field Experience (EDU218) 2 credits
Electronic Portfolio Development (SDV164) 2 credits
Career Exploration (SDV130) 1 credit

Visual Communication
Courses include:
Intro to Web Development (CIS204) 3 credits
Communication Design I (GRD403) 3 credits
Electronic Photo Editing (GRD463) 3 credits
Interactive Media I (GRD470) 3 credits
Interactive Media II (GRD471) 3 credits

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